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Rapunzel Tangled   Initially, "Rapunzel" - a German folk tale, the main character is imprisoned in the tower of the evil witch. Then this story was written the Grimm brothers, who told the world the story of a girl with an incredibly long and beautiful hair. What is interesting, Rapunzel - is the popular name valeryannitsy or field salad. It was a long time ago this salad wanted pregnant woman and her husband decided to steal a plant witch. After he was caught, he received permission to take as many as he wants. But in exchange, he will have to give her her first child. And the witch took the baby girl and gave her the name of Rapunzel, and at age 12 years, closed it in a high tower with no doors. And many years handsome prince to release her. They then defeated the evil witch, fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. In 2010, the U.S. lifted Animated tape "Tangled." The plot is basically the same as with the tale of German writers, except for small details. These details are concentrated in the characters and the fact that they still reflect certain realities of modern life. And almost as soon as it became clear that the cartoon gained more popularity and gained fans, search engines for the query "Tangled Rapunzel game play" began to appear more and more of a variety of interesting games. In principle, almost all the games that featured Princess Rapunzel, designed for girls. Most of these games - the so-called dress up in which you need to pick up clothes or hair done cartoon heroine. But there are games that help train attention. It can be a game or adventure to find toys. Still there is, of course, coloring books and puzzles that are of interest to the smallest fans cartoon strip. The most popular game of the same name won the logical type. Need to make a picture with English letters and solve logic problems. This game is controlled with the mouse. First press the "Start", and then need to find all the letters twenty-six for that and get points. One letter - one hundred points. For each missing letter - fifty points taken away. Also, this game has a pause function and mute. The search letters being on time because the more speed and attention you show, the better your score. We wish you a fun and interesting game!

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