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The best way to make the most popular cartoon character - it made him look like a man. This tradition began with the Disney cartoons, characters which became mice, ducks, dogs that know how to talk, run and live like human beings. In Soviet animation still animals were like animals, though to say, of course, they could. Disney Alive won the audience at a time when it was black and white. And this tradition has continued: anthropomorphic on the screen becomes very different beings. And it was not only terrestrial creatures, but also those who, apparently, do the similarities with the person can not have, for example, the inhabitants of the sea. Then roll and animation of inanimate objects: cars, watches, and furniture. And, surprisingly, such cartoons like the little ones much more than cartoons, where people - the main character. After all, the cartoons are waiting just for fairy tales, and the animals in the story told. Now we do not take into account the kind of cartoons "Futurama" and "The Simpsons", which in principle can be called cartoons for adults. And among those that can be viewed with children without blushing for the content, include animated series "Horns and hooves." It is a continuation of the full-length animated cartoon in 2006 release. Fees in cinemas showed that viewers want to continue. This means that gaming industry can take the characters in turn. It just happened. For now, this site offers online games horns and hooves to play for free. This is a set of cognitive, entertaining and touching games for the most various subjects. Most of these games are still designed for the youngest players, and therefore made with a great deal of humor. For example, the game "Cow response capacity of ONS 'can greatly lighten the mood even any adult: it is enough just to look at her. Yes, yes, cartoonists tried to glory: hardly anywhere else you can see such a miracle, like cows in this game. The plot is also fun: to look at the farm of various items such as funny animals, like the main character. "Flying Burenka" - another fruit irrepressible imagination of developers. Have you ever seen a cow fly? Well, then this game is for you: it will not only see, but also be able to participate directly in the flight of the main character. "Adventure Cows" - is a logic game, Adventure, in which a cow will be in a frozen world and immediately very wanted out of it. And your task is not difficult to guess, to help her do it.

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