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Since modern man absorbed in the urban jungle, he rarely went out hunting or fishing. And before that it was the main occupation of the inhabitants of this planet. Some people just refuse to wear fur or eat meat animals, we'll call them vegetarians. Therefore, we developed a lot of games on fishing or hunting. Where you can feel like miners. These simulations show the excellent habits of fish or animals. Game hunting and fishing are different from others not only to its genre, but also the mood. Here you have to be smart to catch fish or to lure a duck. Wide and varied inventory in all these games, helps to learn how to choose the right weapon or set traps. -Loved and popular game "Russian fishing" allows us to understand the subtleties of the process and fishing. One of the goals is to catch as many fishes and gain points. But this is not the main thing. To amass the catch you need to learn to catch not only the bait, but the spinning and other implements. You will have boats and cars, as well as the contents of the backpack, which are lure, bait, mugs and other fishing gear. All this will help you learn how to fish, and it correctly hooking. Choose hooks and bait is not an easy task for each fisherman. Sometimes I just do not have time to go fishing and catch a couple of live fishes, so developers have created for you a unique simulator, in which you can play online for free. The "Russian fishing" there are many versions that you do every time you hunt for a new reservoir and produce different fish. Also in the new games added new details to the fisherman and improved graphics. If you have not played it, then hurry to do this right now, and if you have already done, then your attention is invited to the new game - "Ural fishing." Here at your disposal will be four of the reservoir. First, you need to buy a spinning, fishing line and reel. Since the fish are biting in the game with every pelting, the more likely it fly off the hook. So try to strike it right, not to fish off the hook, lure not broken. The principle of games in the genre of "Hunting and Fishing" extremely clear. You hunt, who wait and catch prey. But most importantly, it's easy availability of these games. They do not even have to install on your computer. Just open your browser and start the game. The more that these flash applications do not eat your traffic, and you can listen to music simultaneously.

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