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Diego and Dasha - an online game based on the animated series follows the adventures of Dashi-adventurer and her cousin Diego. The girl on an amazing journey with his friends - a monkey boots, squirrel Tico, steers Borka and more! To Dasha lost, helps her friend card that knows all of the tracks and paths and can spend Dasha wherever she conceived reach. And Dasha have a helper Backpack, which has everything you need for long journeys girl and her cheerful company. Map and Backpack always ready to support Dasha on her way to the goal! Cousin Diego is always willing to share knowledge with their sister, because he has a computer knows the answers to all the questions about the animals. Games Diego and Dasha - a great way to tell your child something new about the world, as their stories are built on different thematic basis. Dasha travels around the world and is in various parts of the world: an ocean in the tropical forest, farm pets and in many other places. Together with a guide and an indispensable Card Backpack they emerged victorious in all his adventures. Dasha every day learns something new about the world, studying natural phenomena and animal rescues. A series of games about Diego and Dasha cognitive, through which you can teach your child to consider, write and help him learn English. These games are ideal for children who already have a basic knowledge of English. Parents can use their knowledge to maintain during the holidays and a break in training - so you will be sure that your child's ability to communicate in a foreign language, not just remain at the same level, but increase with interactive learning technology. Gain knowledge in the game - it's exciting and very easy! Using simple examples, you can teach a child account, to give knowledge about the behavior of the animals and by what methods, you can avoid minor difficulties on the way. In addition, Diego and Dasha will miss your child - it's just a great way to take a baby if you do not have time to play with him. Cheerful and colorful online game about the adventures of Diego researchers and Dasha will not let your child miss and talk a lot about our planet and its inhabitants. You can go on a virtual trip to tropical countries, to rescue animals, and in challenging moments you can get help assistant Map and Backpack magic, which is any item for your expedition!

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