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All brilliant - easy. It is not always three-dimensional graphics and special effects are heaped a guarantee that the game will be a masterpiece. Very often, blowing dust in the eyes graphics, developers overlooked the main component of any game - the gameplay. Long ago discovered the watch let dull, but fun gameplay is more important than the movie inserts and perfect physical model. Game - it's not pictures. It differs from the film - is that it allows you to choose which way to go, to influence the outcome. Be the bad guy, or darling, to ingratiate himself and pass protection or with a machine gun and rocket launcher at the ready to break into the lair of the enemy and smash everything. These choices, decisions - and there is a key that distinguishes games online gold digger from the movie. After all, in simple games, all these canonical principles also work. In the earlier games were highly valued, they are considered masterpieces in which the player can choose how to complete a level. In all the memorable Mario, for example, had a special room that allowed pass several levels. A Dandy in counter to the player to choose what weapon was used. The less linearity in the plot of the game, the more interesting. This is the main factor in the success of many simulations. Racing, hockey, football - are endless, as each race, the match is unique. And it is not important arsenal, equipping your character - as soon as it starts invariably win the game immediately becomes fresh, boring half hour. Just fight, fight, fight the last effort made the game interesting. Games built on flash technology can also have razymi. For example, online games gold-digger-kind linear, but the player has a rather wide range of possible variations - pull one heavy stone or ten light? This game shows how you can use simple techniques to create an exciting, spanning action. If in doubt, try it! But be careful - only people with great force will be able to immediately return to work - so addictive this game. Therefore, if you need to pass the time, a series of games for you gold digger!

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