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Network shooter or shooters were one of those games that first appeared on the network and permanently conquered many players. Whatever you say in advertising, first person shooter games in the series have always been a counter strike. That Dissent is the ancestor of all the games of this type. Probably familiar to all those times when your computer was not there, and people hanging out in the Internet - the clubs and whole colonies fought in the counter. These impressions brought much more joy than any other entertainment. By the way, saying, it is worth noting that the players of the game are not only the boys, but the fair games. For over ten years, this game is not just a favorite among gamers, but also individual sport in which the championship with a considerable prize money. How many developers are not trying to create similar games, all attempts or failed, or is still there, but had no such success. The essence of the game is quite simple: your team is using automatic or edged weapon, the team must defeat the enemy, which can be either running people, and "bots". You play as a team counter - terrorists who fight against terrorists. There are a number of thoughtful missions. This can either be a fight to the terrorists occupied territory, or the release of the hostages. At first glance, you see, the game is simple. But at the same time, it is maintained very good balance: to win, you need to combine the skills and qualities such as attentiveness and accuracy when shooting. If you play counter strike online, you will only play against real players, which adds interest and drive. Many people will remember thirty years Rear more on consoles. If you type in a search engine to "play online Contra", you can find such a modification. This game has little to do with the shooter about terrorists. She, too, with the shooting, but a completely different type. You will walk on the various mazes, and the game is, in fact, infinite. At one time was legendary, if through the game nine times, then something happens. Of course, nothing happened. On the internet you can find both versions of the game. So to play in counter that you can make if you are waiting for walking through the maze, and if you want to shoot at the terrorists. In any case, both the game is a classic and fun for generations of gamers. Train yourself to indulge in pleasure, and try to play the game Contra.

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