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Heroes 5 is now available in online mode, without having to install the game on your computer! Game called "Heroes" has long been a legend among gamers who appreciate a good quality development. Here are embedded not only efforts to create high-quality imaging and study of characters - these games as if the soul was invested. This world is so alive and real, that a dip in it once, you'll be conquered them all. It's like someone's incredibly colorful fantasy come true. A magical world filled with heroes characters, each with its own history, sometimes triumphant, sometimes tragic. Each carries a certain idea has its own mission, its destiny. The game features familiar characters race. This elves and knights, magicians and merchants, demons and barbarians, and do not forget that the list is not complete, but the game is regularly updated with the representatives of more and more races. In this world there are no accidents and errors. You need to watch every step, thinking it and advance planning. Very valuable is the ability to come up with a serious strategy and thinking a step ahead opponent. These actions will bring you good luck and a good chance of winning. This game will please both novices. This game can be called a strategy with the consequences. Characters passionate battles and trade. It is their two main religions, and they will be established for you, if you decide to play Heroes 5. The game is based primarily on the thought of modern combat system, at first glance resembling chessboard. You move like a player figure. Arrows, the Furies, griffins ... Each of them has unique abilities in battle, and each must be used correctly. Because one wrong move will cost you one or even a few soldiers. And the losses in our ranks simply unacceptable. We need a win. There is some distance from where the characters can cause damage to each other. Below, under the playing field, is statistics-description of the battle into which inflicted wounds and dead characters. Thus, the battle is really a lot like a game of chess, and a major role, as mentioned above, the ability to play your strategies, and does not speed. Should closely monitor the progress of each of his opponents and the course, monitor the situation and possible clashes your soldiers. By the middle of the fight this action turns into something of value for you. The victory will be your own achievement. Play Hero 5 on our website, develop your logical thinking and is pumped up to a maximum of characters!

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