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Parents should remember that as a child for the child is not just entertainment. That game, according to psychologists, the most effect on the development of the child. Due to play a child can understand the world, to get acquainted with the various role models of human behavior, as well as to accumulate the necessary social skills and behavior. In general, the game is for the child - it is an important element of the development. And that's what this development will be the material and in what direction it will go the psychological development will depend, of course, only from the parents. Therefore it is very important what kind of games and toys to buy baby or like to interact with them. Today, the production of toys - it is a very well-developed industry. Parents can buy a player and board games, and designers, and toy cars, and dolls. And last realistic appearance amaze even adults. It has long past the time when the doll looked more like a piece of plastic: today is a good doll can have a great similarity to the prototype. But technology does not stand in place. And now you can play not only in the real doll. The Internet today is a very popular game doll. Such games can be divided into several types. Main concern is to dress up games. That is, they offer pick up for doll clothes, and hair and makeup. Developers offer good graphics and many options for appearance dolls. Another version of the game doll - a kind of daughter-mother. In these games the child to play by several dolls and doll-mother, and a doll-baby. Doll baby to feed, dress up, go out with her, and put them to bed. The third type of games include puzzle games. They run a child doll, which runs mazes or performs a variety of tasks. As of this genre of games, it is worth noting that it is advantageous for the girls. After all, this is an invaluable experience, starting from an early age. This training responsibility and respect. Let - is a virtual world, but, as they say, the habit of such games to feed the doll, take care of it and so on. All, as an adult, only much easier. Games - Doll currently belong to such stimulants adult life. You will immediately notice that your child will change the view, as he will be expressed and to treat you with care. In our time, very useful to have the computer play dolls, which will be useful not only to the girls, but also boys.

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