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Varkraf popular game series to date. This is a fantasy world in which the character under your able leadership, sensitive and will be tested, will learn to collect the gold. This game has spread in card games, books, comics, board games. Especially a lot of time left in the marketing of various products with images from the game. These were the T-shirts, mouse pads and more. Play warcraft online has become very popular. Now the game has grown from teen to adult. Warcraft game quite fascinating. World is filled with magic, adventure. Each character has their toys skills. Their whole set. There are characters that use spells, supernatural powers. Each skill hero determine its behavior in the game. Consider the group of players. There is a "tank", a healer and a fighter. "Tank" hardy. It distracts the enemy from those team members who are vulnerable. Magee - can bring the greatest damage. Priest - he has been healing, helps to survive his associates, using the accumulated years of healing knowledge. Each character can play as a team and alone. To start the game, you must first determine the race of your character, and then with the class character. Race - it's appearance, and the choice of the social environment in which the hero turns. Each character has their own abilities and this should be considered in the selection. Many races - Elf, Dwarf, Dwarf, Draenei, Night Elf, man. Professions also sufficient. So there is plenty to choose from - blacksmithing, herbalism, mining, agricultural, enchantment jewelry. And it's not the whole list. Still need to remember these moments for playing warcraft. There are dungeons. This is a place where the monster gets tricky and kill him to become much more difficult. To get it, you need to be grouped into a team of five people. Study area should not exceed half an hour. There is such a thing as raids. This kind of study dungeon and its inhabitants. However, a place rich in artifacts that need to be collected in the game Warcraft. A variety of concepts in the game quite a lot. Perhaps you are right, and will not understand, but to play warcraft online is so exciting that the training will itself gradually. You will not notice, like become a professional in this game. Warcraft - a global project that has fascinated for thousands of fans of similar games. This game is constantly updated with interesting events.

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