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Winx - the word is always at the hearing. But not all people know what it is. Originally, it was an Italian animated series. It tells of the simple complicated female friendship girl fairies. Main character of the animated television series called Bloom. In the plot of the show, she learns that a fairy and create a club with the same, as she was a sorceress. Together, the girls save the world, solve problems both personal and global. This cartoon is often called a clone of the Japanese anime series "Sailor Moon", as both series about girls, and they have the same audience: girls aged 4 - 14 years. The first series of this cartoon was shown on Italian television and, later, after the staggering success of the series, the show started in the U.S.. In America, the series was also incredibly successful, but because the creators of the cartoon sold the rights to his show more than a hundred different channels in different countries. And then the big companies began to acquire the rights to release a variety of products with the logo of the animated series. Was rewarded many theatrical productions, dramas, programs, and other projects involving wind-fairies. There were even two large musicals and the whole ice show. Then released a single CD with songs from the series. And, of course, a lot of souvenirs: fubolok, cups, pens, books, coloring and more. Just because the show was immensely popular, immediately appeared games on this topic. And the most popular are playing Winx coloring. Official site of games every day visited by about two million fans. And that's not counting the numerous online communities. Winx ceased to be just a cartoon. It is the whole system of the cult for many girls around the world. They just love to color their favorite characters: Flora, Stella, Layla, Musa, Bloom, Teknoi. Girls can select different fairies, creating their unique outfits and hairstyles. Because each fairy talents and because of their appearance, too, must be unique. Feymozhno decorate directly online. Many software applications allow you to attach coloring effect pencils, markers or paints. Coloring can be used, and special computer programs, not just the online version. And if the child is like - you can print the images on the printer and paint them on a sheet of paper with pencils. Then the image is fashionable to put in a frame and hang on the wall in the nursery.

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