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The origin of the name of the shooter game genre is very obvious, and as possible reflects the essence of the game. In English the word means the shooter, and that means it is a game in which the action is connected with the shooting. The genre has developed one of the first - after the games on logic. The Game is very simple, as a term denoting the game. The player's task - of different weapons to shoot at targets, flying saucers, shoot a lot of enemies. The player is given the opportunity to feel like a cop, a steep commandos, Rambo, and just a superhero, which is subject to hit. Very long time in the minimum number of shooters were realistic - if it enters the hero had to take away a little bit of health, and the capacity thereof not affected by the hero was practically invulnerable. Once in a hard gear, for example, you are not hurting the enemy, and only reveal his whereabouts. When injected into the leg, the character will not be able to move quickly, and shot through the hand does not allow the use of a large two-handed weapons. From this it follows that unrestrained firing on hordes of enemies is a separate genre for which there is no generally accepted name, and shooters acquire new twists, new facets. Many shooters, for example, require possession tactics, teamwork, even if the team did not live players, and artificial intelligence - bots. Trying to become a lone hero and pick up all the laurels of the winner will end that fight will end without you. So, the appearance of shooters with time and the development of processors varies, but topics that they are filled with eternal. One of the common themes is the very theme of the second world war. All the small genre of games released on the subject, is almost half the total number of shooters. To date, the game series Medal of Honor is the most popular shooter on the Second World War. Play online Medal of Valor for any technique where you are, let flash technology, which made a lot of games in this series.

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