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Prototype   To be honest, at least to myself, would you ever be brave, courageous, strong superhero who is always around to help, reach out to the weak, always be on the side of good people. All this can be done in an unforgettable, colorful locations prototype game where all players share one thing - the quest for justice, lust desperate, daring deeds, because of you are waiting for it. The inhabitants of the virtual city, country or village want to have on their side a strong, smart, fast, and very resourceful defender, that is your own persona. In our games may be the most unprecedented actions, the center of which will, of course, you, and it's very tempting. However, no matter what difficult situations you will not be, no matter what level you did not try to break no less desperate enemies, you should always remember that people need in their own character, they await new feats. Uneventful world is absolutely uninteresting, and even then, you just need them like air. Our game will give you a new, bright and very pleasant, because in the virtual world you can feel the prototype of the hero of the comic books and movies, even though it until you far. Cope with all, even the most dangerous challenges you will help your loyal friends. At levels of varying difficulty will show itself in all its glory, to open their secret talents, but do not forget about what goal you pursue. This goal is so close, but it must still go through different levels of interest. Despite any difficulties, never lose heart, go to the goal, and you are sure to reach her, in spite of enemies and opponents. They build your traps, so what! All the same, you are stronger, bolder and more resourceful to themselves, in addition, on your side, good friends, and they somehow just never let you in the offense, and any obstacles you uneasy. You only need a mouse and keyboard to perform crazy feats that go down in history and will be sent residents from generation to generation. You deserve it because you put your life on the line for their well-being, calm and peaceful life. The enemies are not asleep, but you can not miss. Be yourself, discover for yourself the wondrous faces that will help you win the game, despite a variety of complex circumstances. Difficulties happen at all, but only a superhero, like you can get out in one piece, so even with honors, from anywhere, the most difficult situation. And this is your advantage. Open a hero, and you are waiting for interesting, exciting adventure!

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A prototype of the game online

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