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Game Pirates of the Caribbean - a product of the famous company that produced the film for four of the adventures of a fun and unpredictable as Captain Jack Sparrow. In this game the objective is to help the player's captain Barbossa to find a way out of the cave. During the search for the famous pirate would not mind having lived well and found treasures. Management gameplay is very simple. One need only after the game is loaded click the cursor on the "Play". Thus, to be launched gameplay. For those who are playing for the first time, be good tips videos that accompany the whole gameplay. They tell the story of pirates, and are explaining to the tasks to be performed, for bloody pirate Barbossa and could not imagine what adventures await him when he entered into this dark and mysterious cave. The cave captain awaits meeting with pirates who are not going to just give it acquired in its honest and dishonest battles treasures. As well as the barriers to exit for Captain Barbossa will various mysterious trap, staggered suspension bridges, as well as ghost pirates, who died in the cave, and are now looking for a decent conversation. The game is constantly moving around the cave. The player must collect gold coins without losing vigilance, because at each corner of the wicked pirate can wait or it may fall into a well disguised trap. When an encounter with a pirate need to quickly press "space" so the enemy attack will be reflected. From traps, unfortunately, such a simple way to get rid, not work. But if the player will be enough care and attention, you can save your character by suddenly flying arrows. In order to pass one level of the game, given five attempts, that is, the Barbossa has five lives. The number of remaining lives appear in the game in the top left corner of the screen. The game does not stop as long as the character has remained at least one life. Next to the indicator number of attempts is also a life scale Barbossa. It will change over the course of the game as a pirate will face enemies or trapped. Also at the top of the screen is the scoreboard, which displays the number of points earned by the players. Points are awarded for a win over the pirates, as well as for the collection of coins and other treasures that are in abundance in every corner a huge cave.

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