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Do you dream of earning his first, but not the only one million, to become rich, famous and respected? Then the economic strategy of the game that you see on our website - that is what you need. The focus of the game - is to achieve positive results, that is, profits in the ever-changing economic and financial conditions and other conditions. Collect resources, develop infrastructure, invest capital, and the production and sales of necessary goods and services. Economic strategy game - it's not only great fun, but also an amazing trainer for future or current executives, managers that are sure to be interesting and useful. The advantage of the economic game is that you do not need to rush into decisions and take them in a more extreme, because you can always pause the game, think about the situation, and take the next step. Do not rush to make an important decision, you must first carefully consider the pros and cons, and only then make the right decision. Think carefully, make a knight's move, and gently go around your jealous competitors, and always be one step ahead, and then you can be proud of yourself, because you are now - a rich businessman mogul or tycoon as you like. Cruel, but such an amazing world of big business is open to you at a glance. Become the head of his own financial services company. Very easy to get to play in the economic game, but lose them impossible. You decide how much time you will need to build a rock-solid business empire, in which you, as the owner, will roll over the millions and billions. Where there is a will, there will be also possible! To very interesting to spend time at home or work, the skills of finance, accounting and management without boring textbooks, you need only the mouse, keyboard and Internet access. Now you - dear person to whose order is strictly carried out, for them to determine the future of many people. But never forget that the competitors are not asleep, and you are always ready to strike a blow in the back and take your share of the market. So be prepared to both ups and downs, learning from mistakes, and move on to their cherished goal with his trusted friends and partners. Capture markets, determine the fate of the world, now you power over everything! Build factories, shops, parks, hotels and entire cities. World of big and serious business is waiting for you!

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