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Domino - an ancient game that quickly caught on in many countries and has enjoyed great popularity. It is believed that there was Dominos in India and China, this is where the bones were first introduced as white plates. In Chinese domino chips terms were originally made in white and red, and there were no dummies. In the 17th century the game was moved to India and modified. Progenitor of dominoes is a game of dice, because initially the two halves of the domino represents one of the possible combinations that can get a roll of two dice. The name of the domino legend comes from the black-and-white costumes for the masquerade, which, in turn, gave the names of the Dominican monks robes, which usually wore white coats with black hoods. In our country only became popular, some kind of game. Apart they are different rules of the game and the way of scoring, and soetc. With the advent of the Internet the opportunity to play dominoes, not only in the yard by herself, but the computer online. Opportunities of modern technologies allow an opponent to be in different houses, cities and countries, or even play with the computer, choosing different levels of complexity. Our site provides you the opportunity to play dominoes, and not only classical, but also different variations. If desired, a quiet game of dominoes can be turned into an exciting battle, connecting it to other games. Variants of puzzles, puzzle, logical problem, the principle of the game can change dramatically. Play Dominoes online can right now. The new player can choose their opponent at any level, then join the game. The higher the level of players, the more difficult and exciting game. New versions of the online game Domino mean new rules. For example, you can place the bones on the board, so the number of combinations will increase many times over, and you can play completely open information, that is, both the player and the opponent will know what the bone from another person. In some games perfectly acceptable to change the rules and play Dominoes on the principle of solitaire or logic puzzles. All this gives the game a novelty and is attracting new players. Computer games - it's always a wonderful way to spend a free evening with ease. And also have the opportunity to try out new versions of famous games, which is doubly attractive and interesting. And do not worry if you lose, it is also an invaluable experience for you and a good practice.

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