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Games based on movies or cartoons are no longer a rarity. And, as a rule, Hollywood movies are the basis for the games. Modern cartoons are much better and more interesting than they were a few years ago. Heroes of cartoons already like their real prototypes. In addition to many of these adults already walking with the children. One of the most popular games based on the cartoon strips are Makvin game based on the cartoon "Cars." This is a very popular American cartoon, the protagonists of which were lovely avtomobilchiki. Together, they overcome various challenges to handle difficult situations and show what true friendship. Because cartoon became enormously popular among both children and adults, and the creators released yet and the second part. Below we will tell you about the most popular games Makvin. "Mater saves Makvina" - a full game on the passage kvestvyh jobs. In the story in preparation for the new racing Lightning Makvin worn on the track at incredible speeds. And during one of his turns and drops sharply puts turf track. What's next - will know. "Radiator Springs Racing wheelbarrows" - cars are involved in a very important Big Piston Cup race. Race is a game where you have to go through three stages of competition. There are different cards with a description of the route and route with several different types of road surface. The latter is particularly interesting, as most of the races such type of coverage do not. "Cars 2: The Spy Mission" - shooting game, in which Makvin performs a complex mission to destroy wheelbarrows spyware, which send the enemy into your territory. The game is incredibly interesting for its logical component and at the same time unusual "adult" storyline. "Racing Lightning Makvin Desert" - a race in which well-known big-eyed cars will compete for the championship in difficult desert conditions. Lightning Makvin, as usual, wants to beat all the opponents and finish first. Graphics of the game allows you to feel great all the atmosphere of desert highway and feel the excitement of an unforgettable adventure. "Coloring: Cars" - a game for children. It can be painted with your favorite cartoon characters, and also subscribe to his masterpiece. Offer your child a lot of different colors. "Open images from Cars" - this is another game for children, which can be used to improve visual memory. Here you need to quickly search for paired images.

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