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In the course of many old-time favorite games Zamora 3 wants to play a lot of gamers and fans. This is not surprising, because Zamora - one of the most iconic quests of our time. This despite the fact that the first part came out back in 2003, and since that time, the game industry has grown incredibly, including in adventure genre. This happens every time the developers have noticed the popularity of the topic. Then they start to Stakhanov pace to create low-quality uniform product. And he is not fully dozhuesh, and the enemy does not advise, because the title and plot of the game will not remember - they will blend with dozens of exactly the same of others. There will be only an empty feeling in the wasted time and frustration. All this is completely wrong in relation to Zamora. The game is a thoughtful piece that has an expressive story and completeness. Author masterpiece - Czech Jakub Dvorsky. He did everything organically - a combination of the soundtrack and well-rendered visuals, job related and leading to the goal, ingeniously designed puzzle solved a fun main character. It was a very stylish and original game, not in vain in the Prague author submitted it to the Academy of Fine Arts as their work on the diploma. Teachers appreciate such a modern approach very cautiously, but the online audience perceived to cheer. And the enthusiasm and love met the second part, which is being a commercial project would still retain the atmosphere and charm of the first completely free game. This did not prevent the success of the game, because it so loved that some connoisseurs Dvorsky even the principle of not using pirated versions of the game, and transfer money to the account of his company Amanita Design. They worked long and hard waiting for the Czech developer will give them a new part, Zamora 3. But they are waiting for a new message - now the Czechs from Amanita Design are working on a new game project is likely to be no less exciting and unusual. It will be called Machinarium and have an unusual schedule and to belong to the genre of quests. But under the name of Zamora 3 online often come only imitation of the original game. They are also very interesting, but it is a fact - it's not the original Zamora, but only a small copy. But if you do not like the style of Machinarium, or just do not want to part with Zamora, these online games should you like it - they most faithfully replicate the style and spirit of the original game.

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