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Simulations of life - a genre of computer games in which the player is given the opportunity to manage the lives of the characters (one, at least a few), or live it with him. Sometimes games online life simulator perceived as a subgenre of strategy and simulation of the economy. Typically, life simulator games do not set specific goals. Simulation of life, tend to see a few problems in the aspect of life. Some - biological, allow the player to simulate living organisms with different genetics, and create new environmental systems, to experiment. Popular type of game is a simulation of such a simulator of evolution in which we face the task of developing anything. A prime example of this simulator is a game - Spore. Other games online life simulator especially considering the social component of life, and all aspects of it. These games are based on the simulation of life social relationships between people - their communication, work, rest and so on. An example of such games, which are aimed at social interaction - The Sims. Simulation of life, give us the opportunity to find themselves in different roles, to try a variety of professions on himself to carry out all that does not work, for various reasons, do in real life. It was the first online game simulations have allowed us to become a truck driver, control wagon, traveling around the country, the world, to consider and admire nature, delivering freight charge, staying at home, sitting at the computer with a cup of hot coffee. Romance. When will you have the opportunity to become a doctor or a fireman, while not risking the lives of others every day? You are provided with such an opportunity playing free life simulator, and some games will allow you to realize childhood dreams at least in a virtual life. And how sometimes you want to distract from everything and sit with bated breath in anticipation of a strike or gain. Do not wait for the game of life simulator has mastered the genre, and now you just set the simulator, as you soon find yourself in the forest and a gun in his hand, and with a sinking heart sawest bigger prey. Please note that this is not the end of life simulation capabilities. I wanted to try himself as a family man? Well go for it! A family, build or buy their housing, settled, and all paths are open to you! Get a job, look for a soul mate, travel, see the world, have a rest with friends! Do everything that you do in real life!

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