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On the Internet, every day new games online. Many of them are paid, so developers Toys "World of tanks" have made it free to attract a large number of players. "World of Tanks" is a team game. The main idea is to create an army of armored vehicles, where each model includes the tower, gun, radio, engine and chassis. All this can be improved for the so-called "loans." Notional currency can be earned for taking part in the battles. After every war, you build experience points to help you buy new cars and components. For "credits" can be repaired tank, buy ammunition, accessories and buy a completely new military equipment. The main objective of the game is the online world of tanks standoff between the teams. Each group must participate in the fighting 15 players. All they can take on any battlefield fighting machine. In order to win, you have to break down all the enemies or capture their base. The latest is, usually the most pumped tanks, which in the case of direct attacks will shoot to kill. Players to feel comfortable to talk while playing online "World of Tanks", was created a chat. One whose tank was destroyed, leaves the battle, but can still watch the game, or take a new or repaired armor and go to the next field of battle. To monitor your tank, developed several camera modes: - Side view; - View through the scope; - In the third person; - Top view of the entire map.The importance of online game "World of Tanks" is determined by the external and historical form of armor. It looks very realistic, because the developers used to create toys expert advice tank. If you are attacked, the damage will be commensurate with the strike. Rated speed, angles, warheads and other weapons in order to make the game action and naturalness. The game is played by over 30 million people worldwide. It consists of 30 cards, locations and over 200 species of armored vehicles and additional weapons. "World of Tanks" has received numerous awards. And all thanks to well developed concept and free admission. For those who want to get yourself a super war machine is proposed for real money buying premium tanks, various shells, additional seats for the crew and in the hangar, such matter will bring you more "credits" and experience. The game "World of Tanks" is suitable for all ages and will satisfy even the most experienced player.

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