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The popularity of Disney characters, despite the abundance of competitors in the global animation scene is still very high. And the public loves a classic characters - Belle, Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, and new - such as Rapunzel. In Disney's adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale heroine - Ariel. Disney employees have clearly seen an excellent knowledge of child psychology. In contrast, by the way, the original Danish storyteller, some stories that young children it is better not to read. They abound senami sad, scenes of cruelty and other unpleasant things that before the time the child is better not to learn - can cause psychological trauma. And parents are not thinking about it enthusiastically exclaim, how is it moving. Take, for example, the same story of a beautiful mermaid. She is in despair. Ardent love for the prince brings the heroine only terrible suffering. First, the physical pain she was experiencing, trying to walk the earth, because of the curse of the witch. And then - even death, because the prince nymph and did not like, and now she will be turning into sea foam. A wonderful life-affirming script, is not it? And the child had the idea that love - is something sacrificial and not necessarily mutual. Disney's version of the tale of the writers are much biased and softer for fragile children minds. To begin with, in this version there is a fairy tale happy ending! Here the Prince, despite the temptation, do not lose your head and saw who he truly loves. And the sadistic way of walking on knives from the cartoon was also removed. And indeed, the little mermaid shown not as a martyr, and the single-minded, good girl. For cheerfulness, good humor and optimism like this cartoon for generations of young viewers. Games Little Mermaid Ariel - a frequent visitor to the queries of search engines, for a flash application on this subject is very popular with children. Makes little mermaid Ariel playing with her participation just mega popular with young people, as well as the guys on older who want to remember my childhood. The more, the choice is a fairly wide - this dress, all kinds of puzzles, coloring books, exploring, and even platformers and breathtaking underwater racing shells, chariots. Favorite Disney characters even more to highlight the attractive gameplay. And, due to the peculiarities of online flash games, high versatility - you can play with almost any equipment that has access to the Internet.

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