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Each year at the market of computer games produced hundreds of thousands of new products - a full-length computer games, and their "younger brothers" - flash games. Sometimes, finding a story for another game developer gets very unpredictable given. After finding the characters, who loved all think and think their story is not so simple. And here to the rescue game creators come popular cartoons. After all, much easier to create a new game based on the cartoon, which is liked by many. Therefore, developers first draw attention to the news cartoons, which are becoming popular. So, play magical parents were created based on the movie "Enchanted parents", and received a huge number of modifications. All of them continue the story of the ten year old boy Timmy, who lives in a small town Dimmsdeyl. Forced to submit to the opposing nurse Vicky, once he finds out that his goldfish, actually pixies that the charge of him as a patron. The boy quickly learns that his fish are able to perform virtually every desire, and then started up "to the winds." Zagadyvaya wishes left and right, he did not foresee the consequences that often take the form of disaster. Realizing what he had done, the boy with the fairies, made to pay the consequences and solve their desires. But not all so simple. This is where the whole adventure begins, which tells of a series of magic and parents play. Select an adventure - a kind of series of games, and delve head first into a fascinating journey, and unpredictable turns of the plot. Driving mischievous boy, the player will head to sink into a pool of extraordinary events. It is a world full of monsters, wizards, and other miracles that were born in the mind of a little boy, and will present the fairies have been implemented. Exhibiting agility, ingenuity, resourcefulness and the protagonist go through a number of exciting puzzles to solve many puzzles, and save the world from their own imaginations. Playing magical parents give a lot of unforgettable experiences for any child. Boys and girls for a long time stuck in the fictional world distortions, passing fascinating story again and again. And to control the game is quite simple. With an intuitive interface, the game is to submit to any player of any age. Take in a fantasy world, solving puzzles, solve problems, and help young Timmy "solve" their desire ago.

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