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Today, in the world of computers and artificial intelligence, robots are already ceased to amaze both adults and children. Therefore the gaming industry uses the theme of robots swing. There is even a game where the robot vacuum cleaner and clean the apartment. But these games are not popular. More online games like all robots, which can fight against the aliens, and other evil, shoot, fly and swim. They can fight as a people, and with the huge war machines and transformers. It can be as unpopular characters and cartoon characters or Hollywood films. Robots game online, it's no wonder popular among boys. The robots have a large number of different weapons, which is so like the boys. In addition, most of these weapons - from the future, so it is doubly interesting. One thing to pistols and rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers, rockets and bombs, and quite another - megablastery. And for fans of strategy, there are those where you have to control robots, entire armies of robots that will save the world from intergalactic villains. In victory, you can be the hero of the future. In order to find a game for boys robots, simply enter the Internet. Our gaming portal offers a variety of interesting options of games of robots. About some of them, we'll tell you below. «Underneath» - this is a simple addictive game on the platform flash, which is interesting for its dynamics. It should just wander around the map and collect the necessary items for your quest. "Neavy Pawnage» - is a shooting game about a great war of robots. It can be played over a network without registration. «Greens Survive only when Reds Die» - is a logic game where you have to control several robots. The essence of the game is to find a way to destroy the other side. «Invertion» - another puzzle game in which robots are nothing more than entourage. The main task - to pass the levels and, in the end, to get through the yellow door. Robot does various actions on the screen. «Raze» - this is another action game, where you will experience equal enemies. Fans will also appreciate the very large selection of different weapons, both real and fantastic. «Robots Can't Think» - is a puzzle game where you have to solve a number of tasks of varying difficulty. You control the robot, and they climb on the ceiling, walls, and carry various items. The transition to the next level through the door.

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