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Bounce tales refers to simple games that amaze with their fascination. In this game you have to fight for the survival of the world, who plans to destroy the evil perpetrator Gipnotoid. This villain has worked on all living things in hypnosis, and only you have managed not to succumb to the tricks of the evil genius. Therefore, we assigned the mission to save the world. The game produced for each user a lot of levels, each of which you will be faced with obstacles from Gipnotoida. But, you have no choice but to not collide with obstacles. Only in this way you will be able to meet in the final level with the villain and save the world. The point of this interesting game is to control the ball. This may seem boring and not interesting process, but trust me bounce tales online games that bring pleasure. In the game you have to stretch the ball under the line to protect it from the constraints placed Gipnotoidom. The game has a fascinating story, in spite of its simplicity, and a lot of pluses. Bounce tales can be safely attributed to the dynamic games. In addition, it should be noted that with each new level becomes more difficult to manage and the ball quickly, but the excitement does not get you out of the game. In this game, checked both the reaction and the ability to improvise. Each new level bounce tales fraught with mystery and new obstacles. This indicates that it is not monotonous, and the mystery is even more interest to the game. A stimulus to reach the last level and fight with the villain, forced to go to the game again and again. Today, there are many versions of this game. Each version contains something new and interesting. Many of the additional versions contain changes storyline. However, is still the most popular is the original version of bounce tales. It should be noted that, despite the limitations in functionality, the game bounce tales boasts an interesting interface. This game is among the most striking and interesting games, in which you can enter the online mode. Bounce tales demand among children, because for them the main advantage of games is the animated cartoon. Besides, there are many colors and the main character is a ball. And the balls are certainly a favorite toy each child. So, you go in the game, go through the mission, reach the last level and compete in a fair fight with Gipnotoidom. Remember, your success depends on the fate of humanity!

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