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New Year's Day - one of the most loved and adored children. For them, this time - the magic day when dreams come true, and the story is true. Each of them have already written a letter to Santa Claus that he was a good boy (or girl) for a year and deserves the gifts listed in the long list. Each country has its own nuances in the image of Santa Claus: someone is flying through the sky on magic sleigh, and someone "beard of wool", but absolutely all children believe that the grandfather can do wonders, otherwise how could he visited the world's children in one night? It does not matter whether it's Santa Claus, or Santa Claus, it is still the fact remains that this inhabitant of Lapland love all children and happy happy to see him not only from the pages of a book or the TV, but in the games, from which they expect surprises and interesting events . Exciting games Santa Claus put the child tasks that he was happy to perform. Some player must help Santa to slide down a hill so that it lost gifts and collect stars. In others, the child must help Santa Claus to collect all the gifts. Some need a pipeline, that beloved Santa Claus was able to get through the chimney and leave presents. And in some children help Santa Claus to find and collect the gifts, and then deliver them to their destination. Play "Santa Claus" will help entertain the child, filled with forebodings of joyful events. You can pick up and develop the game, for example, on the websites you can find "dancing Santa Claus," but the trouble is that he does not have time for music. This game teaches children to feel the rhythm of the music. There is also a game that is filled with various adventures associated with Santa Claus. The Game is that Santa Claus, gifts goes round when, accidentally lose their way and forget. Need to draw a line to the path of his grandfather and see him to have got to get to the finish line. Santa also struggling to cope with the management of deer at that speed, and it is not surprising - a year without practice. Some of the games will appeal not only to children but also their parents. There are quite a lot of fun games that will allow us to return in early childhood and help Santa to give gifts at Christmas, or "launch" Santa Claus in the chimney - in general, it's pretty funny and fun. Entertaining game with Santa can have a wonderful time, helping him to perform actions related to receiving gifts or other jobs. Christmas holidays and New Year games good influence on the child, uplifting and very funny.

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