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Marvelous garden - a game for those who are willing to work step by step to create the perfect place to relax, to be pleasing to the eye of the house and his guests. Imagine that you have got a huge house with a large territory. But inside the house littered with unnecessary things, and all the garden is in disrepair and in need of the most careful care. Attach your efforts to make your garden bloom onetime lush color! In the story the game, you - the owner of a luxury home, crammed with antiques. In this game you will be able to find things mentioned your customers at the same time tidying the house and then found selling household items. The proceeds from the sale of money can purchase a variety of products that will help to fix local area. For example, you will be able to plant in the garden of unusual flowers and a pool, and for a reliable home security to have a faithful dog. Get bonuses for your quick search of useful things - and then you will quickly be able to buy exactly the products that will help you to quickly arrange the garden of your dreams, because the design decisions for such a large garden, like yours, are not cheap. In the search for a list of things given a certain time, but it is easy to catch! You can use special tips on the game, and if you find a camera and click on it, then the flash will fire - then you can see clearly the desired objects in the room. Another great tip - it's a thermometer. He will tell you if you are close to the subject of the search, if you are far away, the thermometer will show "cold", but if close - the "hot". In the room there are objects that react to the movement of the cursor, and if he is close to them, they start to shiver, drawing your attention to themselves. You just can not pass by! Additionally you will be able to collect coins scattered around the room, thus increasing his fortune to spend on equipping fabulous garden of your dreams. In search of 15 rooms set aside, and the list of things unknown than 1,000 items - the game Brave garden teen fun and exciting! The choice is you, it's a garden of your dreams!

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