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More often than boys are addicted to computer games. For them developed various popular games out, in the light of which, with trembling expects most of the male population of the planet Earth. But what kind of games discrimination? Girls also like to play on the computer! I must say that those games that computer companies are now positioned as a game for girls, too childish, and yet the big girls, or at least young people also want to play in something that does not need to run around waving a gun or using skills various martial arts. It is for those lovers of quiet, but interesting games and developed a whole series which includes games cook. These games are designed not only to have to entertain the player, but also help to develop new recipes for many different dishes. The game offers a real recipes with a certain amount of ingredients. Going through each step of the preparation of a meal in a virtual reality, the player can easily play it all in the kitchen. Dishes, preparation of which is carried out in the game is very simple, which is why the complexities of the real preparation should arise. This game is really teaching, because there every meal versed in stages. The beauty of such a landmark in making that player even vegetables cuts alone. The game is registered even thick slices, which have cut off a player, in order to send this ingredient in the dish. Cooking on the stove also comes with a timer and power control of the gas burner. The player must correctly choose the combination of time and power, was able to prepare the dish, but, in any case, not spoiled, because, in case of damage of one ingredient to begin to prepare the dish again. The game takes place in the form of training also so that the player was able to pass all the courses provided in the menu. In order to move from snacks to hot dishes, and then to the first course, to pass completely level with the highest score. Upon completion of the game and the development of all the dishes from the provided menu, the player is given the title of the winner, as well as virtual and the title of Master Chef. Games for girls chef is very useful because they can teach the basics of cooking in a simple and clear manner. Presentation even complicated recipes, so makes cooking easy and fun. Parents to buy this game, to gradually teach her daughter to the culinary arts.

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