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Is not it true that everything, without exception, the children know and love the characters of the cartoon "Madagascar" - Alex the lion, begemotihu Gloria, Melman the giraffe and lively zebra named Marty? But many children are not the favorites are. It is easy to find the baby, who confidently tell you that his favorite hero - King Julian Lemur or ... here we come to the fun. Kowalski, Skipper, Rico and Private - secondary, but not the most obscure characters in "Madagascar." These strong charismatic penguins make clutched his stomach and adults, and children - that they have brought to the "Madagascar" lion (forgive us, Alex, King of New York) share of humor and continue to delight us with new and new outlets in the franchise. Penguins doshutilis even to its own cartoon series of serial, and now to a series of games dedicated to his beloved. Long familiar and beloved characters will now be able to please you, not only in the cinema, but on a home computer. Games Penguins of Madagascar - a novelty, we offer to you right on our site. Play now and enjoy all the advantages online games - speed, mobility, beauty and opportunity at any time, no waiting, select another game about the penguins of Madagascar. In these games, you will find many interesting features for your penguin - snowball, fight enemies, drive a car, leave the chase and persecutors, fish, play on the ice, to manage the complex mechanisms and, finally, to solve logical puzzles. Penguins even cope with the invasion of snowmen and are investigating the robbery of a zoo - of course, that he is a real superhero in this zoo, but they can be entrusted with such a responsible mission. And your task - to help in the investigation and to expose naglenkih scams. The Penguins of Madagascar game for adults and children, bright, colorful, full of your favorite characters and plenty of jokes, interesting levels and a variety of tasks. Here you need to think quickly and to obey the chief - he-knows exactly what to do! Keep up with the rest and get on the ball - then everything just happens. Play online game Penguins of Madagascar - you like it, your kids will surely carried away with these games. Control the characters, put the records in the throws and moving, do not stop halfway - even the most complex missions are passable, and then you will feel lighter and more interesting than the most simple. We wish you a pleasant passage and unconditional victory!

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