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Why male always feels beautiful we, girls? Did they really believe that good for? Let's take a closer look. We, the girls can wear beautiful dresses and shoes, comb hair, weave ribbons in braids, wearing earrings, bracelets, rings, painted eyelashes, eye-catching and building faces the mirror in the morning! Is not it great? We, the girls, there are so many benefits and exciting ways that boys just right just jealous and bite your elbows, playing their voynushki gonochki, and - because this is all they have! Winx and Bratz games will introduce you to the true and the good friends who do exactly what these ladies have to deal with - they always look great, politely respond and glow with happiness and kindness. Game about the wonderful dolls will dive into the fascinating world of fairies games Winx and Bratz girls, to go along with them to parties and dances, to the shops, a beauty salon, dress them and have fun with them. Games created keeping countless accessories for girls Bratz and Winx one of the lovely ladies will satisfy! Well, is not it lovely - perfect to watch the result of his many works of beauty? You can even make-up damsels - in the player's arsenal full battle set of cosmetics - from blush to lipstick. Let's be honest with men - only ladies can save the world the beauty and power of this love! Even more so when we are ideally equipped stunning dresses and hairstyles. So why not save the world again? Being a girl, of course, more fun, agree. After all, we can do a man's job, to play in the men's game ... But the boy is unlikely to start the morning with a good make-up and ukladochki! Girls, do not forget the power of beauty, and your character will always be the best in the game Bratz and Winx. Remember that in these games, you can visit with your beauties badminton lessons, horseback riding, or ballroom dancing. Everything is in your hands, is wanted - and you will become the most beautiful! With your favorite heroines of peace and Bratz Vinksvy you live where there is no room for anger and resentment, and the fabulous and romantic atmosphere will allow you to forget about the troubles that you've ever grieved. Play, enjoy, have fun, perform unexpected shopping, dress, primp, smile, and never forget that girls - this is the most beautiful thing in this world! Fun to play with your friends!

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