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Most recently, our country filled games on consoles. Now find these games is almost impossible. But the constant and undying interest in games, adventure games, has forced the creators of flash games online to recreate the famous game of all available mode. Play games for free. The main thing is to have a good Internet connection and the time that you want to spend for the conquest of an exciting game. First Prince of Persia game was created in 1989. Game Prince of Persia - a classic, flash version of the most famous computer games and platformers. On the Internet a lot of games of this kind. You can find a game with very simple graphics. You can select the graphics the game Prince of Persia, a little harder and more beautiful for more than an approximation to the game, which is sold on disk. Your hero - brave Prince of Persia, which is not afraid of difficulties. He is ready to fight, to overcome the difficulties in his way, just to get to the goal. He's OK! He is ready to fight and win! The beginning level is accompanied by a kind of cartoon - history. All the action takes place in the Great of Persia. Sultan pulled into the war. A vizier named Jafar tries to stage a coup. He grabs a young princess prisoner. Fearless Prince can not admit death of loved ones. He needed to save not only their love, but also his country, he plans cruel vizier. Necessary not only to play with the mouse, and the keyboard. Select a specific section of the game you need to use the mouse, but it is necessary to manage the Prince of Persia from the keyboard. The game creators have taken care of the tips, which appear at the top of the screen during the game. Prince of Persia, overcoming obstacles, fighting the enemy, should reach the goal safely. In a simple graph on the game, the player is given time, as well as three lives to complete a level. Prince of Persia manage just using keyboard "down" - bob "left", "right" - the direction of movement of the hero, "space" - a jump. Each movement is accompanied by sound. The creators of flash games are not far behind from the creators of full games. In Prince of Persia game you can play several parts. Each of them is different purpose, but the meaning is the same - to capture, search, take mazes. Prince of Persia game drawn on the cartoon. Online game creators have tried to keep the story to it was not just walker, a game with a fascinating history. Play Prince of Persia fun. The game does not just come back here to enjoy the classic game, proven!

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