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In 2007, two French programmer Arno Maigret and Jeff Affairs invented unusual play - it does not specify party, and he thinks of them. The game was called Akinator, after the main character. The creators have come up with not only the principle of the game, but also a beautiful story to explain its occurrence. Once Arno and Jeff traveled to the lands of the East, and their attention was drawn to a bright shine. When they got closer, they saw that the sand is an old oil lamp. As Arno and Jeff were familiar with fairy tales, they immediately reminded of Jean, who usually live in the lamps. Arno rubbed the lamp once, twice, but nothing happened. It was only the third time the bulb may burn, and from it came a friendly creature, resembling a genie. He called Akinatorom, but offered no friends to fulfill desires, and think of any character that he guessed it. For a long time, and Jeff Arno Akinatoru offered more and more puzzles, but his passion is not fading. Then friends came up with a brilliant idea: take a genie with France and set up a special website where anyone could talk to Akinatorom. That's what the game came Akinator, the genie that know-it-all at any time of the day waiting for the guests. The only condition that puts players Akinator to play as honestly as he who will deceive, take the place of the genie in the lamp. Be that as it may, the game became popular very quickly. The rules are very simple, but the excitement makes guessing more and more questions, so you can play Akinator very long. Djinn seem invincible, but the creators urge players not to be discouraged and do not give up. To guess the hidden character Akinator can ask 40 key questions and a few extra. There are five possible answers: "Yes", "No", "I do not know", "Probably not, not really," "may, in part." Choosing the answer, the player sets the direction Akinatoru further questioning. Base characters Akinatora constantly updated, because when the genie beat, he asks the player to enter the name of his character in the list, and stores the issues associated with it and the next time guesses question. Akinatora popularity became so great that today it exists in 11 languages ​​and in mobile applications. In addition, you can download to your computer or Akinator play online. It's simple at first glance, the game is very addictive, so the number of fans is growing day by day.

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