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Game "Kindergarten" - this is a great simulator for those who want to test their ability to cope with the youngest children. This game will entertain and acquire useful skills to care for the youngest! The game is on behalf of Mila, the owner of the best nursery school in the city. It is this girl copes with all tasks to be performed, that kids feel comfortable and enjoyed every moment of your stay in the kindergarten. The kids in her garden can be capricious, but Mila is very sensitive to all the mood changes every child. She feeds the kids, wash them, changing diapers, playing with them, puts them to bed - and it does not have a minute of free time. And to ensure that parents were quiet for the children, and the children feel at home. For good reason kindergarten Mila is the best! In this game, you can not only take care of the kids, but also will earn money for buying new equipment for the preparation of baby food or special playpen in which so fun to play with kids. Also, earning a childcare, you can hire more workers who will help you entertain the kids or do your requests to care for them. And this is not just a small private garden and a large children's garden, where each child has their own individual approach, with nurses and cooks who watch the kids and they can quickly make a delicious lunch. Such games for girls kindergarten Mila give to feel truly adult and responsible. They help to feel the importance of care and appreciate the work that every mother in real life, and help to acquire certain skills with young children. Online games kindergarten can be a good alternative to playing daughters and mothers, if your child is at the moment no one can make a company. Thanks simulation game kindergarten, your little daughter can not just imitate adults, taking care of young children. It can dynamically respond to everything that happens in the game and make their own decisions about what actions to take to solve a particular problem. The first training level of the game contains tips that make the future passing game will be simple and straightforward. Going through each new level, you get a certain amount of virtual money to spend on hiring additional staff or purchase of machinery and equipment for your nursery.

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