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Bratz dolls have long been popular, and conquered the whole world since 2001. They became famous due to the cartoon, and later appeared on store shelves. Little girls dream of rave, ask Mom to buy this nice toy. Paradoxically, but Bratz dolls pressed even the world-famous Barbie doll every girl. After the appearance of the cartoon on the screens of the country all the girls wanted to take part in shaping the Bratz doll's wardrobe. Playing with dolls has become fashionable in the computer. Therefore, today a request online "games for girls Bratz Dress" is so popular that created computer games have decided to help the young women of fashion. The Game Bratz dress is the most beautiful way to dress up your character in a dress. The game begins with the selection of the character. Appear on the screen four Bratz dolls in their underwear. Famous Chloe, Meighan, Jade and Yasmin course. After selecting a character to take the next step - proper makeup, dress or dress her doll accessories. When choosing makeup see some different kinds of cosmetics - lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow. You must select a color palette. Then select the dress - beautiful bright blouses, skirts, pants. Little ladies can show their imagination to the fullest. And the last step choose the right accessories - a wig with different color and hair length, can be selected separately colored strands of hair. Then make the choice of shoes, necklaces, pendants, bags, and decorations for the head in the form of ribbons or hat. Proposed in the election game clothes and accessories so much that the child will not sit one hour before a computer screen, selecting a great outfit for her character. As the game develops creativity. Play well with my mother, she explained to the child the basic principles of selection of dresses, makeup and accessories to suit the heroine. The process of playing dress up Bratz dolls accompanied by soft music. Bratz dress up games are simple and management is just mouse click. Below the screen are icons in which the finished image with the Bratz doll can be displayed and admired. Or the final image can be printed. After completing the game, you can show off your friends your result. Also at the bottom of the screen there is a button on-off music that accompanies the game. This interesting and informative toy for girls aged from 4 years to 12 years. But adults are not forbidden to play.

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