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A well-known Soviet cartoon "Just you wait" was released back in 1969. He has won the sympathy of his audience. Many began to quote characters, and children played in the role play, cartoon characters introducing themselves. Based on "Just You Wait" created the first electronic games. In particular it was a handheld device on batteries. Where the wolf was black and white and caught in a wicker basket eggs. Nothing to do with the plot cartoon was not, but still, everyone liked and adults with nostalgia this great game. On the basis of the electronic devices in our years there have been many simulations. Now everyone can play well, wait a minute for free, just need to run it on your computer screen. All games are available for free Just you wait on our gaming website. They force us to go back in time and enjoy the images of the characters. Each application will be presented to you new stories and characters appearance. Which will be very interesting to manage. Many flash games you need to play for the wolf to catch a hare. For example, chasing him on a motorcycle or in an interesting location. In the most popular on the Internet version of "Just you wait," you'll catch as many eggs in your basket. Here Wolf can take four positions on the field. Once the egg gets to you in a basket whole and sound, then you get the point, and so you will be able to gather up a lot of points. Since the rate of decline is accelerating eggs, fish them become more complex, but for experienced players is on the back. If you drop more than 3 pieces of chicken eggs in a row, the game is lost. Also, if it is dropped, you will point penalty. To play "Just You Wait" was popular not only in nineties, but now, the more that come up with these characters a variety of applications. Who do not need to install on your computer, but just to play online. Some Flash applications on the movie "Just you wait," you will need to perform light tasks. These games are designed for children. Here you will paint the characters, or click on them so they do certain movements and funny sounds from a distance. There are also the so-called Action game where your heroes Wolf and Hare have to run away or catch up with each other. This application has a simple look, basically a maze where there is all sorts of stuff that you want to collect, get points and win. Such games enjoys a large number of people, and there are entire table winners, where your name could be the first.

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