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Winx Games Action based on the popular animated series Winx Club, which now knows every girl. Many flash games on adventures of your favorite fairies, would not miss anyone. You can wear your favorite heroines in the fashionable and stylish clothes, solve puzzles with various real-life situations, play games, and even fly! Only in your hands the answers to difficult questions you prepared. Winx teaches kindness, intelligence, friendship. Little Fairy never leave each other in trouble, and always stick together no matter what, because they know - together they are many times stronger than the one at a time, and the joint work will help them to cope even with seemingly hopeless situations. Interesting puzzles of various difficulty levels, games dress up games, puzzle games and salons, beauty - in mini-games Winx you expect a lot of surprises and, of course, meet with your favorite heroines. All Action Winx differ. Here and there, you will need to have a good reaction, somewhere - will have to show his wit, to use the spell to get to the desired object, enclose the path to move around objects. Players have the ability to choose their favorite Winx fairy, her image and appearance, the place to which you want to move. In some games, there is training that will help you navigate the magical world of Winx, even if you are an absolute beginner and do not know the rules of the game. Do not forget that each of the Good Witch Winx has its own unique species of magic, and you can choose the most convenient or a favorite, all in your hands! Cast spells easier - just click on it and it will come into force! Games like Winx girls preschool and younger ages - but in fact, the fairy tale has no specific age limit for children. We are confident that adults will gladly plunge briefly into a magical, kind and wonderful world in which there is love and friendship, where there is nothing with which can not handle smart, beautiful and strong Winx fairies. Play, solve puzzles, do not stop halfway, make friends with wonderful Winx fairies, believe in yourself and never get discouraged if something does not immediately - perseverance and ingenuity will always help you get the upper hand! A good and strong friendship brighten joy achieved victory. Enjoy your game in our magical world brodilok Winx!

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