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Play online games Pets prefer mostly girls. Every game in the series "Pets" - a kind of simulation of animal care. Most often, girls dream of a pet, you can give all your free time, love and affection. Also, this simulator can show parents how the child is ready to, to make a living for his pet. The essence of the game "Pets" is that the first player has to choose a pet, with whom he can play. The choice is simply enormous. Things can start banal cat, puppies, hamsters and so on, and end with dinosaurs, dragons and unicorns. But anyone, even fantastic character, in any case, you need to surround with care and give care. The main parameters that shows the state of pet are - health, joy, fullness and purity. Ideally, all of these options, and ends, but in newer versions of the game are much more - communication skills and much, much more has been added to the developers to make the game even more interesting and exciting. In order to maintain the life of your pet all the parameters at the highest level, you need to regularly perform different manipulations. For example, the puppy was clean, it must buy and comb. The online version of this game, there are a variety of additional functions that can be accessed can be obtained for a fee, or by performing certain conditions. This opens more opportunities to care for your beloved pet. Pet should live somewhere. Especially for this game is available for each animal's own room, you can beat on their own. A set of standard items of furniture and decorative elements attached, but in order to get something truly original, you need to perform various tasks and assignments. The same goes for clothes. This game is not so fond of the little girls if there could not change the appearance of a pet with new items of clothing, jewelry and other accessories. Is there a standard wardrobe, from which you can use the clothes. But for the more unique elements of clothes will have to be overcome. Also in the game, "Pets", there are various locations. This means that the owner and his pet can go on a trip, where it is lots of exciting adventures and vivid impressions. The most important thing is not to forget that, at the right time pet needs attention.

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