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Series Game Fire and water play online are just a pleasure. Feedback from the participants, she likes to play a lot of people. The main task of all versions is to overcome various obstacles by two elements: water and fire. You will have to solve the problems of logic and wit, the game has an unusual colorful interface, as well as unique and funny voice acting. But one big advantage is the mode for two players. This means that you can spend the evening in the company of a family member or friend. Main objective of the game is to control the water and the girl-boy-fire, which interact with each other and help to get out of unusual situations. The playing field is a maze in which there are a lot of obstacles. Overcoming them depends on the level of difficulty. In the game you will need to get to the exit as fast as possible and collect all the diamonds in your way. Also, the player need logical thinking to get to the green diamond and get out of the maze. Going into the game, you'll understand all the subtleties and nuances of the Flash application. The series currently consists of seven parts. Each of them is different storyline, graphics and animation. But still, the main characters are water and fire. The main idea of ​​the game Fire and Water 2 is the completion of all four levels of difficulty. Even in this version, you will need to work closely to promote each other. Sometimes, on some levels the game will not be light, and you have to turn your logic and intuition. Here you have to fear to be hurt by laser, because of which you will need to restart the level, and you can not step on the green liquid. The all-new storyline of the game Fire and Water 3 awaits you as you enter the game. Each element has its own abilities and thereby help them to move to another character. Therefore, they need to cool lava or melt the ice to get to the exit of the maze. As their story goes, the left and the essential things that you need to collect or overcome. If you have not seen and do not know the rules of the game Fire and Water 4, we offer you a completely new Flash application. The characters are the same as in the previous parts, but added a lot of new puzzles. Now the girl is afraid of the water of the lake of fire, and the boy-fire, on the contrary, with the water, but the yellow water they can both kill. This game has added charms, and while you will not find them all on the field, you can not get out of the maze. In the following sections, you will find even more puzzles and adventure for the two elements.

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