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Worms game is addictive application. In the game the main character is armed funny worms. Today, the game play come mostly online. And believe in worms teen self pleasure. After all, you will not be downloading the game, but just enough to come to our site. In worms can play forever. Because the game is so fun plot drags, image management, sound, it's hard to break away from the monitor. Worms play nice in the first place because of the idea, the essence of which is that for every battle won player gets a new weapon that will help in new battles. Initially, the player is given two weapons: missile damage is not high and the grenade, which is difficult to operate because of its roll in the right direction depends on the strength and direction of the wind. In the course of passage, will give you new maps and new weapons. The most powerful weapon in the game is a watermelon. Once on the ground it explodes and throws a few pieces, which also explode, inflicting damage. An interesting weapon is a rocket. Mouse pointer you specify the location where the rocket will fall. The aircraft takes off five missiles, each of which can yield big enough damage to your enemies worm. But, keep in mind that the direction of the missile is also dependent on the wind. The creators of the game have put a lot of weapons, most of which is a bomb. The most powerful bomb a grenade "aliluya." After specifying the target powerful grenade falls to the ground and a few seconds playing the melody, then a grenade explodes, knocking the victim to a great distance. Worms games are very popular among young audiences. After idea with live worms is quite unusual and interesting. However, adults, this game is also often delays. The guided missile worms, as shown by statistics, love not only children. Buy fantastic weapons, become more experienced and more the dream of every soldier, and if all of this must be done by running funny and perky little worm, increasing interest in the game a few times. Thus, the game Worms, is a unique combination of battles with the animated story. You go in the game, fight, get new weapons and improve your skills of a warrior! Hope you will enjoy and spend time playing online games on our site!

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