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Games used to be one of the most popular ways to spend time. Checkers, chess, dominoes, battleships - all of these games have been tested by time and are still popular. All of which have long existed in the form of computer games and mobile applications, and the network has many versions - two-dimensional, three-dimensional, colored, animated, in general, for all tastes games. Among the good old games is no less popular Balda - simple at first glance, a game that makes you think and act quickly. Rules of the game were invented in 1980 and published in the journal "Science and Life". Since then, the game has not changed, except for the fact that the Internet allows you to play to people who are not only in different places, but in general are unfamiliar with each other. The essence of the game is very simple: in the field consisting of 25 cells (square 5 on 5) is written in the center line of the five-letter word, chosen at random, and then the players must be on the basis of his new words. You can add only one letter, which fits right, left, top or bottom. The longer the word you were, the more points you get. Accordingly, the winner is the one who gains more points. The number of players is not limited. The advantage of the computer version of the classic Balde before that the program displays the top players, and you can choose any level of opponent. You can also play with the computer and also independently set the level of difficulty. Comic name seems to imply that the loser - Balda. Balda playing online is much more interesting than just a computer with friends or on a sheet of paper, simply because more choice opponents. Balda games can be found on the games and even in social networks because, despite the apparent plainness, it is very popular and exciting entertainment that evokes passion and imperceptibly draws in the process. Online game play allows Balda with any opponent thus constantly need to be on their toes, train memory, broadens the mind, replenish your vocabulary. That is why, having completed one game, I want to play again. Balda play online game allows you to seamlessly learn new words, learn to think quickly, because each move is given a specific time. Many sites offer the ability to play online for free Baldev, fans of the game usually choose a single site where you can improve the ranking to reach and play with strong opponents.

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