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Fullmetal Alchemist - is an anime series. At the moment, the world saw the first series for fifty entertaining anime. The author of this series is Hiromu Arakawa. The plot of this series lies in the fact that there were two brothers, named Edward and Alphonse Henrique. They resided in Rizenburg. Brothers still in its infancy had lost his father, who abandoned their family, and years later their mother died. But the brothers did not panic and decide to do good science - Alchemy of dealing with their father. They were confident that they will resurrect their mother. But they were wrong. During that Edward loses his left leg, and his brother loses all of his body. They come up with another plan. Edward "sacrifice" his right hand and attaches the soul of his brother, Alphonse, a knight's armor, well, attaches itself steel prosthetic left leg and right arm. Over time, Edward decides to become a State Alchemist, and taking an exam with flying colors. Now their goal - is to return his body through alchemy, and resurrect her mother. One day, they heard a conversation about a certain "Philosopher's Stone", which may allow the owner of the stone to completely bypass the "Law of equivalent exchange" and begin to think about finding him. The brothers decide to find the stone, and use it to return to their own bodies and resurrect mother! Going in search of the stone, the main characters lurk dangers and difficulties, but they are sure to go to their goal. In fact, this episode reminds landscapes Central Europe in the twentieth century. Technique that is used in the "Fullmetal Alchemist" corresponds to a technique that has been in the twentieth century. The only thing that is different is the fact that in the world of Edward and Alphonse Henrique used robots and, of course, Alchemy, which was popular in Europe during the XIV-XVII centuries. Our modern technology offers us the "game Fullmetal Alchemist" online. The game is based on the story of the anime series and fully corresponds to it. Already entered a lot of versions of the game and, of course, in each version its missions and tasks. But, for example, in «Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixir PC» game begins with the fact that you play the role of his brother, but the younger brother accompany you, and if necessary help. Main goal of the game to find the Philosopher's Stone. As you progress through the game you will encounter various difficulties, obstacles, puzzles and mysteries. Going through them, you'll improve your skills, gain new abilities, capabilities, and techniques.

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