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For those who like to play as in real life, will like the game as Neighbours. In this game, your character - is the star of the television series Woody. The goal - to drive mad-mind of his neighbor, who got Woody. The life of your character is simply intolerable for a neighbor. And to spite him to get to his apartment and start building his traps and tricks. When the trap is triggered, the audience award Woody applause and react cheerful laugh. The more irritated neighbors, the correspondingly louder laughter. The main thing to remember - do not fall for the eyes of his neighbor. Otherwise nesdobrovat Woody! In the course are all sorts of things - and drawing pins, and shaving cream. For revenge suit every object in the house! Each stage of the game - a kind of series. In each series, Woody has to do mischief to the neighbor. To complete a level and shoot the series, it is necessary to gather as much audience award, which is displayed as a percentage. If all series completed as "excellent", your character gets a Woody figurine "Golden Neighbor". Neighbours from playing online is easy. You must have a stable connection to the Internet. The game is drawn in great cartoony graphics, there is animation. The whole game is accompanied by music. The game became so popular that the creators decided to create a few more pieces. Games like to get a neighbor 3. The action takes place in an online game in the office. But no, the chef works secretary helps him. They do not play a special role in the game. There is a large size woman in a green dress, but it is not the object of your filth. But an elderly neighbor who is in love with this lady - this is your goal. Keeper in the parking lot brings problems. The main character in this part of the game has grown significantly and changed his name to Woody to Vadyu. Unlike its previous brother-hero walks Vadya days to classrooms and corridors and devious tricks to build your neighbor. Play as Neighbours 2 - called Hell vacation is fun. The game contains 14 levels. Here the action is slightly different. Your neighbor with his whole family is going to spend a vacation on a cruise ship. He wants a break from the hustle and bustle and relax. But your character does not allow him to spend time quietly. After all, revenge - this is tricky! And the usual cruising turns hell for a neighbor, and for you - a fun toy.

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