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The well-known game "Battleship" and now has many variations. But the basic principle remains the destruction of enemy ships. Previously, it was played on pieces of paper in the box or in special plastic boxes with small fishichkami. Therefore, the development of technology decided to make this game accessible to all users of the computer. Rules of the game are simple. One and the second party is given an equal playing field, where you have to position your ships. Each has at its disposal the same number of ships that are in agreement or game interface can be placed in a horizontal or vertical order. Once all the conditions of the preparations for the beginning of game, participants choose who will attack first by lot, and then start all major events. Each cell of the board has its own name, such as A1. Player names and the name of the square if it is your vehicle or part you should definitely say so, so that he can make a mark on the same playing field empty. Play Battleship online is very interesting, and most importantly comfortable. In each new game you fight against different opponents or computer robot. All of your attacks will be accompanied by sound effects, and boats beautifully drawn. All online games Battleships have a different interface and rules. The concept of the game, of course, remains the same, but sometimes added to the plot or the levels. In some of them you will improve your ships, for each winning opponent will give you points for which you can buy virtual shells, set the level of armor on your ship, and more. In order to create complex multi-game, it takes time and skill, then it will be passionate about a lot of people. Many board games have become popular and online games Battleship no exception. The older and well-known game, the more her fans. Running this great flash game in the browser window, you will immediately start playing in real time against a real opponent or the computer. Our favorite childhood game became available on the Internet for many years. In Battleship, you can start playing online at the touch. Where you will discover the wonderful world of strategy and intuition. After all, without it you will not win this fight and defeat all opponents. A winner, that's your main goal and purpose.

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