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A series of games for girls is complemented by another interesting series of games - games pony. This game will teach the young lover of animals to care for and take care of your pet. Online game "Pony My Pet" is available in the online games. This game is free on our gaming site. The game begins with the selection of a pet. There are four ponies, each player looks at his charming look. Even thought of them appealing. Moves the mouse over the horse, above the name of the lights - Pursia, Sashay, Celeste, Bonita. Make choices. Your pony is in a cozy house. Then asked to select for her hair, mane - long hair, naughty curls. With squeezed mouse, the desired hairstyle is transferred to the pony. Left of the screen under the "range" of hairstyles is a slider moving that changes the color of new mane. Then choose a place where it will be your pony, and enter the name of the player. Then, there is a pony on a pedestal with the twinkling lights. You can choose to print a picture or start the game again. Games for girls pony does not end there. Creators developed another game "Pony Race." When launching the game, given a choice of three ponies - Girl, Beauty and the Ocharovashka. All twenty levels in the game. After selecting the pony, the screen saver appears to explain in pictures of the player. What makes a pony when you press each key click. Level is given by the passage of time. And the game begins. Your pony to reach the finish, overcoming obstacles are in her way. , Offered a few attempts. And yet another game in the series game pony - a "decorate ponies." First we need to choose the scene. Colorful pictures entrance to the castle or room Kandy. If you choose a room that appears stylish cabinet with table, mirror and chest. At the top of the screen there is a picture pony. Their eight. You can choose any r them. Drag your mouse on a pony, her name is displayed at the bottom. Choosing a pony, it "sticks" to the cursor and must be put in any place of the room itself. Right of the screen are lit crystals of different colors, each of which is meant to be effective - the size of a pony, color, display pony in the opposite direction. At the bottom of the screen shows the items that need to place in a room at the discretion of the player. There is ice cream in a cone, cotton candy, juice, table, chandelier, clock, mirror, automatic machine for candy, a calendar on the wall, flowers, phone, chess. After placing the necessary items in the room, this picture can be printed or saved to your computer.

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