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The disappearance of the dinosaurs - one of the biggest and most interesting mysteries of the planet Earth. Many people do not like the hypothesis that they died due to lack of food. Prevalent theory worst epidemic of Earth collision with a comet, and even the intervention of aliens. Against the background of promoting apocalyptic themes, giant lizards mystery becomes even more relevant. People think - and not die out if we, as when the dinosaurs? For many decades in the media are popular materials on prehistoric theme. These films, books, games online about dinosaurs. As in humans - these giants have both heroes and anti-heroes. Many in fact in childhood were backpacks with a cute and fun little dinosaur named Dino, on the desk for lessons - stickers with a fearsome, bloody Rex T. rex. Today in the shops abundance of soft toys, dinosaurs, we see them on TV commercials. And in the office, in your spare time, and even at home with a glass of coffee at the end of a long day of de-stress and relax online game about dinosaurs. Just with these reptiles connected a lot of myths, legends and hearsay, because such a large time span does not allow all of them to find out reliably. And yet, from time to time in various archaeological excavations reveal fossils of new species previously unknown. These findings are found out new details about the life of our planet at the time. And there were also cases where the sea caught lizards in their structure and way of life similar to those whose skeletons are now in museums. And with each such finding a surge in interest in the media and public to the subject, making a documentary and feature films, written books, created an online game about dinosaurs. This is not surprising - after all how can you go by that power, might and majesty that they symbolize? Some will reach a length of 15-18 meters, and weighed about 7.8 tons! It is difficult to imagine what could cause such giants extinct. Although research on this topic have lasted for a long time, but the researchers to the same conclusion they came to this day. Span assumptions impressive - this comet, meteor, and even a series of falls. In addition to extraterrestrial causes scientists admit yet and local - is volcanic activity, changes in sea water, jump in the magnetic field of the earth, climate change. Whatever the reason, they do become extinct. And all that remains for us - is to plunge into the atmosphere of using movies, TV shows, online games about dinosaurs.

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