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Produced in the West give an animated TV series that most suitable for children at any given time. Many even believe that there is an ideal formula of a game or animation to make it like its target audience, that is, children. Must, first, be an artifact, which plays a crucial role in the development of the plot. At such an artifact in any case many magical properties. Also, the cartoon or game should be a good budget as to hire quality developers today need a lot of money. Then comes the process of choosing a hero. It is desirable that he was in high school (the game is something for children or teenagers after all) and have problems in their personal lives. Also, he must have friends in sufficient quantity. And artifacts such as would be desirable to separate the pieces to all the friends of the hero, otherwise justice will not. Rangers game series ideal formula for this product. In games of this type will be your characters together against evil. It is worth noting that these games were the first games of this type, which was published in online format. Especially interesting to those who still remember the TV series of the same name. And if it is new to you, the game will seem original. Below we will tell you several options of games of the Rangers. The game "Power Rangers" opens our list. In it, you can feel like the Rangers, and bravely fight the forces of darkness. You will move to gaming locations, and collect various keys. With them, you'll be in the next play areas and there to fight with those who stand on the side of evil. Managing the game is simple: with the keyboard, using the arrow keys and space. This game, you can either download for free or play online on our gaming site. "Martian Rangers" - the first game, which gives search engine for the query "Rangers game." This is a game written in flash format platform shooter. You can choose from a variety of weapons, most of which - the weapon of the future. "Iron Ranger" - this is another space game where you have to control the ship. But to manage this ship very carefully, because it is not very durable. "Power Rangers: Red Hot Rescue" - a game mode in a fighting game. Characters that you manage, do not use weapons. They have only the feet and hands, which they cleverly managed, battling the evil enemies who seek to destroy the world.

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