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Who does not like to drive a car a motorcycle? The girls also love the speed. And the creators of online toys do not miss a chance to please babes games for them. What you want? Desire to play, the computer and the Internet. We propose to consider another round of games - games for girls race. The creators of fun free online flash games offer the young lady, just go on a journey behind the wheel. For example, an online toy "Race for the Cup of the zoo." Deciding to play this game, you just need to turn it on by clicking on the image of the game. In the intro appears bright pink car with four penguins from the famous cartoon "Madagascar." Well, who could refuse such a wonderful company? Click on the arrow at the bottom «Play now» and the game starts. The choice is further proposed two cars. One, the one that was on the screen saver, a spotlight illuminated the second - is in the shade. Access to it is closed. Most likely it will be open after the game. Arrows at the bottom again, but now the two «Practice» - practice on a typewriter and «Race» - just the game itself. Since the game for the first time, choose a "practice." Appear on the screen six types of tracks, different in complexity. Discovered, only one, the easiest. Choose «play». So, we have to start! The game will prompt. Appeared on the screen a picture that explains the keys. To play in this game you use the keyboard. Agree, clicking on the word «continue». And immediately, the game itself. A small trail on the screen around the pool with hippos. Bright and colorful picture, pretty nice colors and sketches. Of course, these games race for girls will love. Pink machine with penguins glides across the tile, navorachivaya circles. Please note at the bottom of the screen there is time. This has been the practice. Now try to play for real. Go back to the main menu. Press the arrow «race». The screen on the right appears the first track. Above - a help with the keys. On the left - the main points that are present in the game: a pack of popcorn, which gives acceleration, and a banana, because of which the machine sliding on the road. Participated in the competition and rival-computer. Necessary to drive three laps and have time to do it faster opponent. Games of this plan are many. There are toys with pink toy cars, girls driving, racing motorcycles. Games - race there with the characters of the famous cartoon characters. Bright, colorful and music - they will love your child.

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