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Hulk - superhero, who once appeared fantastic comic company Marvel Comics. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby - the creators and writers of comics for the first time showed us the Hulk in the first issue comic book "The Incredible Hulk" in May 1962. As of that date, and started to grow the great popularity of the green superhero. A huge audience of fans, fans and admirers of the Incredible Hulk made him one of the most recognizable superheroes from Marvel Comics. Incredible Hulk story is pretty standard for comic books - after the gamma bomb explosion, the main character, physicist receives irradiation with gamma rays. Great physicist Bruce Banner takes on an unusual way of unrestrained, aggressive, violent monster - the Hulk. The main character, as well as a monster Bennerat Hulk for all stories related to it, has the police, army men, and in general, all of the armed forces of the country for all the destruction it leaves behind. Character and morals Incredible Hulk, in general, fit his image - he was always furious and unbalanced. The image of the Hulk, and now captures the young and older people, leaving them indifferent. Even now, fifty years after the first of the Hulk comics, the popularity of superhero covered expanses of the web and the internet. Based on the comic Hulk, created a lot of flash games in which the leading role for this green superhero. As in the comics, cartoons, movies, The Incredible Hulk smashes everything in its path, carrying over a fear, terror and destruction. So if you had the courage to launch the Hulk game, be prepared - to break, destroy, maim and demolish all barriers - now without it is simply not enough. Do not forget that if the experience in this game, you do not have, never mind. Control of the game are very simple and easy to understand. Be prepared for the fact that at the end of the game the same again Incredible Hulk takes the human form. With each increasing level, different military vehicles, multi-storey buildings and various structures will amaze you with its diversity. However, do not panic in advance, of course, military equipment will provide you a huge resistance, but the Hulk is also not miss and can be used correctly in force. But do not neglect safety rules and is hiding firearms or grenades. After all, the Hulk is one life, and so do not want to lose her, and games Hulk will offer you all pass the new test. You have considered all the advice? Ready to destruction? Then go ahead - Smash! Hulk online play fun.

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