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Playing the fool - the most popular card game in the FSU. This game is played with a deck of playing cards thirty-six (sometimes 52), and played with two to six players. If the deck of 52 cards, you can play 7 or 8 people. Each player is dealt six cards and color the next card - trump. She lies face down, and the rest are placed across the top, but so that Trump was all visible. The winner in the game, although many believe the winner of the first out-of-game. But the last one, do not get rid of the cards - and is that "a fool." On the first hand after the draw and thus the first player with the lowest trump. On the next hand, go "under the fool" - goes the player sitting to the right of the losing player. There was a game in the middle of the 19th century in Russia. Initially, the game has spread only in people's working population, as the aristocracy, upper class preferred foreign games such as solitaire, bridge, poker. But in the next century, the game was made even in popularity with poker. As for the name of the game, it is all easy. At the time of its creation the word "fool" - was the most common term of abuse in Russia. Even today, it does not lose its position. Name, so the motivation to win. Originally played by very simple rules, but later, with the development and popularization of the game cards fool appeared springboard and translated fools. This will greatly increase the popularity of the fool. A little later there was a funny kind of game, where the peaks hit only peaks and aces are always the same - the drums. It is called Japanese fool. And then to play cards in the fool became more interesting - because there was still about 80 species, differing little details in the rules of the game. Date of creation of many species are not as interesting. Many became known through social networks, in which you can play online for free fool. Among them are the people, and personal ideas of one person. One of the few stupid game in which to play with the elaboration of a strategy, a clear plan of action. The diversity and richness of combinations fool surely leaves behind pieces, and partly comparable to chess. The strategy of a successful game in the fool based on memorizing cards, the mathematical theory of probability and psychology. The more cards you can remember, the more you have the advantage over the enemy. And of course, do not forget to take advantage of dual cards! Intellectual game, but luck does not hurt her.

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