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Despite all the prejudices of the virtual world, quietly poured into people's lives, becoming a part of their reality. The cinema is gradually moved to the World Wide Web, books are replaced by discussions of the fans, the news spread at light speed. Many of such phenomena can not be ignored and in gameplay. Fans of various characters cinema and literature dedicated to them their works, blogs, and more. By and large, all this is a manifestation of the author getting into a world that he liked. Many young writers who do not have sufficient skills in written works that do not use copyright techniques, and so on, can not provide the reader with a product, in most cases it is simply a description of their teenage fantasies. As a result, all the characters are obtained too perfect. This kind of denial of the reality in which people live. To determine such characters in the works of scribblers, was chosen the term Mary Sue. If you are wondering how to distinguish these characters from the ordinary, though not in the brilliant, but still literary works. In fact, it's easy! Now we will tell you how to do it. Consider this as an example works "Twilight." If the text you meet frank admiration for the hero of the book or the movie, you know - Mary Sue is near. Usually presented as a description of the body of the hero, his eyes and so on. No matter what, the image of Mary Sue always remains about the same. It is always a beautiful, well-groomed girl who always falls in love. Developers always try to place and use these characters in the games for girls Sue. Often, by the name of Sue developers hide popular movie characters, cartoons, books, such as Curly Sue. In such games are usually given a task-oriented performance of girls. Sue games for girls are varied and you can perform diverse missions: to apply makeup, choose a wardrobe, choose the style and image of her character. You can become a dressmaker, creating unique costumes for themselves, out of the jewelry itself create jewelry and much more. You will be able to feel as a stylist, makeup artist, doing hair and putting makeup. The range of tasks is not limited. All this and a lot more effortlessly attracts girls across the country, and in turn, the popularity of games for girls sue him every growing.

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