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We all remember this great TV game "O Lucky Man" and "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"But then we did not know that you can play it at home, sitting at the computer. Now this television project for 13 years and it is still popular among the viewers. But now, everyone is not difficult to play her in his apartment, sitting in the computer chair, that's just your winnings will be virtual, but there standings, where your name may be the first in the list. About a lucky man to play online, has become a popular request on the Internet. Many variations of this game, and from different vendors. That's just the principle and the rules remain the same. Interface draws its colors, sounds, and, of course, easy. In order to play you need to click "Start Game" and it went. From past experience, and television rules must be noted that the idea and the story is never ever change. First, in order to become a millionaire, you need to answer 15 questions. They will all be from different areas: film, physics, history, literature, music and more. Questions contain four possible answers, but only one of them is correct. This is how to write tests, where half the knowledge you share with intuition. Each question has a price. The farther you go, the more money you get for each correct answer. But be aware that the amount of gain at all stages is not a plus, but simply replaced by the proposed rules of the game. But still there is the so-called "immutable sum." If you overcome the 5th issue and not have time to get to the 10th, then you win in any case will remain a fireproof level. So if you get over 10 questions, then your winning amount will be longer. But then the fun begins. The last five questions are the most difficult, and respond to them can be difficult, even intuition does not help. Then you can use the tips. In general, they can be used before, but all the participants are trying to keep them in the end. And so, it helps the room, call a friend, or 50 to 50, where you leave the two possible answers. All the rules and tips, we, of course, we know, but for the young players should be familiar with them. About a lucky online play it easy and fun. The more it contributes to personal development, and encourages the search for new memories. So take part in this game online, and it will bring you a lot of unforgettable experiences and emotions that, at times, more than all the money in the world.

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