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Farmerama one of the most captivating browser games. This game allows you to fully feel the real owner of the farm. Also, the game is a farm simulation of life. In farmerama teen pleasure itself, because the user is given the opportunity to plant the beds, feed the animals, without making this effort. Developing in the game your ability to grow. Perhaps it is you will become the king of all farmers. In order to play online fermerama simply go to the appropriate site, and run the application. In farmerama you are not alone in her home to thousands of other players. It should be noted that playing fermarama not difficult, it is necessary to go to the game regularly and efficiently manage resources. In the game you are given the opportunity to communicate with the players, as well as to compete with them, checking someone fertile garden. In the game you can do anything. With a green lawn, you can create a fabulously beautiful field of flowers. It is also possible to create a fertile garden in which to grow vegetables and fruits. In fermarama play very interesting, but do not forget that you have to work long and hard, because the harvest to create not so easy. Early in the game, all that you have - the right set of tools, land and raw materials. Of course, this list of the most important element is the earth. Initially, as we said before, it will be covered with green grass. So the first thing to do in the game is to plow the field and sow his seed. After ripening, you have to sell their own crops or leave it on the seeds. Later in the game are awarded points depending on your level of experience. Points needed to go to the next level. And, the higher the level, the farmer will have more plant species to plant and animal species for cultivation. Farm is located near the city, in the city you can buy seeds and other necessary tools for the farm. Also in the city you will be able to open the available job quest. At the center of business cooperation, you can just take a break from everyday farm life. There it is possible to realize the harvest and sell grown on your farm animals. Thus, summing up, we can safely say that farmerama is unique, addictive game. If you are the fans of strategy or to fans of agriculture - this game is for you. If you do not belong to this category of people, believe me, going to play the game, you will not regret it. Come, play, grow crops and become a farmer king.

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